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We are here to help you find the perfect photo for your needs and offer personal, knowledgeable support.

You can purchase a licence to use any image. Images are identified by the unique 8-digit numbers below them. Fees are based on the intended use and length of time required. Please provide us with a complete list of anticipated uses (media, size, location, time period, etc.) and we will work out a licence fee. We use industry-accepted software to calculate licence fees and can offer exclusivity and Rights Protected uses as needed. Additional caption information is available on request.

Please contact us to discuss your needs:

Arjen (Ed) Verkaik or Jerrine Verkaik toll-free 1-888-475-9278 (Canada)

All images are available as high-resolution digital files (up to 60mb RGB TIFFs) from scans. Images are colour corrected and free of defects, and have not been digitally manipulated to exaggerate contrast or saturation, or to distort the original, natural scenes.

For specialized needs requiring a search of our analog collection, gathering of appropriate samples for viewing, scanning, downloading of high-res files, or shipping of slides or CDs, a nominal service fee will be charged to cover our time and expenses.

Skyart® images are not available as Royalty Free. The use of any image requires a time-limited licence and fee. For more information on licensing models and the benefits of Rights Managed licences, click here.

All images are protected by copyright and may not be used without our explicit permission. Please read our Copyright notice for terms of use.