Are you going into a blue sky session? Has inspiration struck you like a bolt from the blue? Is your head in the clouds? Are you building castles in the air? There are excellent reasons why our language is full of sky metaphors which give life to ideas and concepts.

Browse through our lightning photographs to find the perfect expression of creativity, inspiration, power, danger, surprise or excitement. Look to our pristine cloud scenes to express purity, freedom, harmony and everything heavenly. Use our aurora images to evoke awe, enchantment, excellence or transcendence. Peruse our sunrise, sunset or rainbow pictures to suggest new beginnings, awakening, enlightenment, hope and success. Enjoy searching our storms and tornadoes for your favourite evocation of change, terror, devastation, turbulence, growth or foreboding.

The conceptual richness of sky imagery is unlimited ... and we have everything under the sky.