Nothing says power and destruction like a tornado, and you will find many here, from large close-ups to distant wide-angle views. Some tornadoes glow white and ghostly, while others are black and foreboding. They range from exquisitely sculpted to low and ragged, and come in many shapes and sizes: cones, cigars, elephant-trunks, snaking and twisted ropes, needles, wires, segmented, cylindrical, wedges, hourglasses, sheathed, looped or knotted, v-shaped, flared at the base, bowl-shaped, convex or concave sided, bulb-shaped, truncated, straight-sided and landspouts. We also have sequences illustrating the life cycle of a tornado.

This category also includes various kinds of funnel clouds, other spinning phenomena, and photos of the damage and destruction caused by destructive twisters and tornadic winds. For mesocyclones and tornadic storm-related features, see the “STORMS” category.